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We partner with some interesting Christian creative arts projects including well-known national organisations and some smaller local non-profits. They are involved in all kinds of exciting faith-based creative work using drama, journalism, graphic design, communication and PR, media and more. These projects serve people in different fields including primary school and university education, local and international mission.

The needs

These placements need volunteers to join their team and fulfil a role that contributes to greater purpose of the organisation.  In some cases the work would primarily be office based while in others it would combine some preparation time in an office with time out and about meeting people, gathering stories, performing etc. We would place you in a role that fits well with your skills and creative passions.

For example, you could be involved in some of the following:

  • helping the organisation behind the scenes such as doing administration, planning, promotion etc.

  • working with an experienced team of writers, actors, or designers

  • managing your own projects

  • doing outreach in schools, prisons, or churches

  • participating in the broader work and ministry of the organisation

You would receive training at the placement and have the chance to gain professional experience while you serve.


Work-life rhythms

Depending on the placement you would either live with a host family or with other volunteers in a shared flat. Meals would either be provided, or you would be given a food allowance to shop and cook for yourself.   

Your weekly timetable is likely to follow more a of standard 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday pattern which frees you to socialise and get involved in other things during the weekends and evenings. You would have opportunities to put your faith into action at work and learn from other on your team as well as finding a local church community to settle into.



  • Most of these projects would like you to have some related experience to volunteer role. If they were looking for drama experience for example, you could have gained this experience through education, volunteering or just a hobby.

  • These roles typically are more focused and specialised than some of our others.

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