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We partner with some amazing Christian projects that work with vulnerable adults who need support to change their circumstances. Clients at these projects may be homeless, unemployed and/or recovering from addiction.  


The needs

These placements need help on different teams with a whole range of responsibilities and tasks. As long as you are interested in this work and learning new skills, no relevant experience is necessary. You would receive any specific training that you need for your role at your placement.

For example, you could be involved in some of the following:

  • Befriending clients by running activities such as a sports competition, a photography workshop or prayer time.

  • Communication and administrative work such as answering the phone or helping clients to complete paperwork etc.

  • Helping clients to develop practical skills such as cooking, landscaping, computers.

  • Supervision of clients ensuring they follow the project’s policies and boundaries.  

  • Accompanying clients during meals, on outings or to church.

Some of these programmes incorporate Christian faith as an important part in the recovery programme, so sharing your personal faith would be part of the volunteer role.  At other projects, the faith element is shown through actions but might be unspoken.

Work-life rhythms

You would probably live at or near the project with other volunteers in a shared flat and cook for yourself. It is a great opportunity to be part of a close staff and volunteer team and to build a personal life outside of work. You could choose a local church community and other social groups to join.    

You would have regular days off, but you may work some evenings and weekends and you may work shifts.  



  • While it is very rewarding, serving vulnerable people is also challenging.

  • You could encounter extreme situations including difficult behaviour.

  • You will be part of a supportive team that is working together to bring hope to the vulnerable.

  • It would be important to develop healthy boundaries between your work and personal life.

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