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We partner with some Christian residential projects that either care for elderly people or adults with learning disabilities. Learning disabilities refer to conditions such as Down’s syndrome, Autism, etc. These caregiving projects provide a warm and supportive environment that the residents call home.  

The needs

These projects need volunteers to help and befriend the residents in their daily life. Each resident has unique needs and a personal story that you would soon get to know. 


For example, you could be involved in some of the following:

  • Supporting residents emotionally and socially

  • Encouraging residents’ faith by praying with them or accompanying them to church

  • Planning activities and outings

  • Assisting clients with cooking, tidying up, shopping, using public transport, etc.

  • Helping the staff with housework such as cleaning and food preparation


No specific experience is required, just a heart to care for people. You would receive specialised training and support as you develop new skills for your role.

Work-life rhythms

You would live in a flat with other volunteers at the placement. Your meals would probably be provided with the option of preparing some simple food and snacks in your own accommodation. It is a great opportunity to live with your co-workers in the community that you are serving.

You would most likely work according to a shift pattern and your duties will include a variety of practical help and on-going relationship building with the residents. You would receive your weekly timetables in advance so that you can make the most of your time off to rest and build up a personal life outside of work. For example, you may work a long week (6 days) followed a long weekend (4 days) when you could explore another part of the UK.



  • Though not all residents will need it, you may be asked to offer some degree of ‘personal care’ – which could include feeding, bathing and/or dressing people.

  • Some of these projects are located in quiet, rural locations so you may be living further away from a local town or city.

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