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We partner with churches of every type you can imagine! TfG volunteers serve churches that are urban and rural, large and small, traditional, alternative, and everything in between. For example, we have church placements that are Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, non-denominational and more.


The needs

TfG church placements need help with an exciting variety of projects and groups that serve people of all ages both inside and beyond the church community. We would place you in a role that fits well with your skills and areas that you would like to grow.

For example, you could be involved in some of the following:        

  • work with children such as in a play group, school assembly, Sunday school etc.

  • work with youth such as mentoring, Bible studies, sports groups, holiday camps etc.

  • work with vulnerable people such as helping at homeless night shelter or foodbank 

  • work with elderly or disabled people such as a coffee morning or music club

  • other work such as worship band, tech/AV support, social media, community development projects, serving in café, university student outreach etc.

Work-life rhythms

You would probably live with a local host and share some of your meals with them or share a flat with other volunteers with the option of cooking for yourself. Each placement is different. Your personal life and work life would usually overlap quite a lot. It is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a community and to make it home for a year. 

Your weekly timetable would have a lot of variety and would not follow a typical Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm pattern. You would have two full days off each week but you would probably work part of the weekend and some evenings. You would need to embrace the flexibility of your role and make the most of the free time you have to rest and have fun.  



  • Come as you are - be ready to share your faith journey and learn from others.

  • Be open to connecting with God and putting your faith into action in new way.

  • This is a great opportunity to explore a variety of projects and be involved in the community.

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